FIVE to TEN Steps to a Probate Closing 2018-10-09T02:10:52+00:00

FIVE to TEN Steps to a Probate Closing

  1. File the “Probate Petition at the courthouse
  2. After approximately 60 days an “Order for Probate” is signed by the judge appointing the “Personal Representative” (PR)
  3. “Letters” are issued by the court – this document authorizes the PR to sell Real Property on behalf of the estate either in “Full Authority” or a “Limited Authority”
  4.  List the Property – Accept an Offer
  5. “Full Authority” proceeds as a normal sale.

Limited Authority

  1. “Limited Authority” requires court approval
  2. “Change in Ownership Statement of Death of Real Property Owner” form filed with the County Recorder
  3. “Claim for Reassessment Exclusion for Transfer between Parent and Child” form filed with the County Recorder, Proposition 58; Grandparents to Grandchildren, Proposition 193
  4. Credit Card debt paid, Taxes paid and Med-Cal is reimbursed (if applicable)
  5.   Petition the court for Final Distribution to Heirs/Beneficiaries